Maria’s clothing is a well-known buying house in Pakistan. It is managed by Mr. Junaid Paracha, He has a business experience of 21 years in sourcing and representing a huge variety of products includes Home Textile, Woven, Knits, Leather, and Accessories for Men, Women, and kids. Maria Clothing is leading the top-ranked fashion brands across Europe, Middle East, Canada and the USA.

Our main office is located in Karachi, Pakistan along with branch office in Singapore. Our basic principle is to focus specifically on a long-term relationship with customers, effective communication, and transparency. Further, to concentrate on determined devotion towards quality assurance systems, producing the best product quality, the never-ending ambition of an energetic team to be the best in the entire market. We are so interested to introduce our capabilities just to represent YOU!


Maria’s clothing has established an excellent position over the past two decades and also developed a well-rooted sourcing network. This gives us the advantage to get a hold on the most preferred resources from our trustworthy supplier. We make sure that all of our suppliers accomplished inflexible standards exclusively with relevance to factory compliance and quality. Whenever it comes to pricing, we have a benefit that our network provides the best value to customers.

Our network has on target planning, good coordination and cooperation and a high-minded approach to business which creates the process of sourcing garments, fabrics, and accessories flowing smooth and hassle-free. We are capable to manage the various styles references in every season, and approximately 2 million pieces of garments and accessories each year.


Maria Clothing knows the importance and value of up to date and the latest world wide trends, colors, and designs. We carry an efficient Research & Development team with us has and includes very professional young and devoted designers. Our team is capable enough to perform in forums like international textiles & garment fairs.

This reflects us to correspond along with the current worldwide trends. Its overall applications allow us to promote the real-time fast fashion to the clients’ table- an upgraded feature that is much grateful. An abundance of these specialized services likes to run on a long term basis and with strong customer bonding.


QUALITY is the very basic feature of any brand’s presence and at our Maria clothing, we had considered it as our major goal from the beginning. The devoted and systematic track of the dealers regarding different fabrics or quality patterns in the context of customers’ requirement forms, most of which is part of our basic services.

Mistakes are unavoidable at the production front. However, our devoted quality groups are technical professionals, and the problem-solving bound work permits the customers to take determined informed decisions, preceding to goods to leave Pakistan shores, preferably to identify once it touches down the destination.

Maria Clothing firmly believes that any final controlling would have to be the only formality if a proper system is properly placed and bound to hold. Considering that every garment is sold out to people, Maria’s clothing continuously seeking to improve on the performance, which demonstrates the product’s dispatching system.


We will take maximum care when it comes to supervising the production at factories with customers depends greatly on our professionals. Initially, we worked only with factories that are appropriately certified. We have operated proper factory audits and assured agreement to government legislation, certifications, safety passwords, approvals, and measures work welfare.

It maintains the physical existence on the floor to efficiently establish the devotion to designated standards. Any changes from those standards are immediately noticed and improved. Our clients are regularly updated with data and information regarding the policies of the law of the government related to safety and labor.


Famous fashion brands across the USA and Europe are slowly relying on us in the context of best quality products in knits, woolen, and accessories for men, women, &children. Providing us an effective boundary is the powerful sourcing network that allows us to promote the affordable price and fine quality to our customers.

The main key contexts of Maria’s clothing are customer relationships and revolutionary communication. Our experience of over two decades boosts our capabilities in managing the business needs of customers. The follow-up progress and production are those important aspects, which assure customers’ final transactions smoothly and hassle-free.